Offer Expiration

Offer expiration allows you to limit the time for which an accepted or countered offer is valid. For example, if someone makes an attractive offer on a Wednesday, offer expiration allows you to accept or counter that offer, but only allow the shopper to receive the discount if they make the purchase by Saturday.

As any savvy retailer knows, time limitation is a powerful incentive to make shoppers pull the purchasing trigger. Almost every coupon, sale, or special promotion is finite in length, and the time expiration is the key element of the sale that makes it effective.

Adding a time limitation to a shopper’s accepted offer is the nudge needed to push them to convert, and the numbers fully back this strategy.

Additionally, a time limitation insulates you from the risk of running out of inventory or other issues that arise from scarcity of supply.

Bottom Line

Accepted offers that are bound with a time limitation are 22% more likely to convert than offers that are indefinitely valid.

When considering a significant volume of offers, this difference in conversion rate can make a huge difference to your bottom line. The revenue difference you will experience can more than pay for the cost of our premium services!

Check the Box

To add a time limitation, simply choose the number of days for the expiration when responding to an offer from the offer details screen. Easy, right?


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