Customizing Campaign Emails

A vigilant and open line of communication during the offer process is critical to converting a visitor from a comparison shopper to a successfully transacted customer.

Your shoppers will receive email notifications at almost every step along the way (e.g. offer received, offer accepted, reminder to checkout, checkout confirmation).

These emails are fully customizable as part of the PriceWaiter Campaign Builder (*Please note that any changes within a campaign take between 5-10 minutes to update live).

Customize any of the following email templates to convey pertinent information to your customers:

  • Submitted: This email serves as a confirmation to a shopper that their offer was received and is under review.
  • Accepted: This email is sent to a shopper once you have accepted their offer
  • Countered: This email is sent to a shopper when you have countered their offer to a price that works for you
  • Revised: This email is sent to a shopper when you have revised the offer. This typically happens after you have discussed product or transaction specifics via internal messaging.
  • Rejected: This email notifies a shopper when you've rejected their offer. 
  • Reminder: This email serves as a reminder to the buyer that they need to take action on their offer.



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