I just installed PriceWaiter but don't see the button showing up. Help!

No Problem! We'll get you taken care of.  I'll just need you to check a couple of things for me.  If these things look okay, then give us a call and we'll get this fixed: 

  1. Campaigns Enabled - Make sure your campaign is set to active!
  2. No Conflicting Display Rules - Make sure your rules aren't canceling each other out.
  3. Custom code - Make sure that there isn't any custom code your developer may have added to tweak how our system works on your website. 

If you've checked these 3 things and are still having issues, please take a look at the documentation for your platform.

Still having issues? Give us a call at 855.671.9889.  We'll get you on the line with an implementation specialist and get the issue taken care of ASAP. If we're not in, please email us at 


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