How can PriceWaiter help make MAP restrictions moot?

As a company whose founders emerged from your side of retail, we understand the importance and balance of retailer-manufacturer relationships, and we understand MAP.

In conformance with MAP, a discounted or less-than-MAP price is never displayed anywhere on your website or in any public advertisements. Once a customer privately indicates a price they are willing to pay, you decide whether you will accept, counter-offer, or reject their offer, and they are instantly notified via email or SMS text. The whole process is private, secure, and handled via the PriceWaiter dashboard and private email. With PriceWaiter, you never advertise a lower price than what your vendor has suggested.

Again, our founders are experienced in retail, online and otherwise, and have played both the role of manufacturer and reseller. We understand MAP - its goals and its limitations. Rather than violate MAP, PriceWaiter helps retailers AND manufacturers sell more with greater control over pricing than before. PriceWaiter is deployed by hundreds of retailers across a broad spectrum of industries, and we’ve taken great care to ensure that we serve our customers, retailers -- and their partners -- with both respect and a focus on improving top and bottom line results.



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