Configuring Advanced Settings

Advanced store settings include various options to help you better manage your stores. Each of your Stores can have different settings in effect. Toggle between stores from the right-hand drop-down navigation menu and location Stores. Navigate to the Store you'd like to edit and then go to Settings. 

The following settings allow you to configure default values for when your offers will expire and how shipping will be managed:

Default Expiration Time

Set a default time-limit for each offer you make. For example, you can set all of your offers to expire by default in two days (48 hours) or two weeks (336 hours).


Set a percentage of the total sale that will be applied towards shipping and note your preferred carrier. Here you can also set the allowed countries you ship to.

 Order Notification API

This setting enables PriceWaiter to share order information with your e-commerce platform. Click Platform Integrations from your Settings and enter in the Order Notification Callback URL. Make sure that the integration between PriceWaiter and your e-commerce site has been properly set up to handle order notifications between the system. For more information, and directions on how to verify the API call, reference PriceWaiter’s documentation.

Checkout Redirect

Checkout Redirect enhances the buying experience facilitates tracking conversion rates through Pricewaiter. When a buyer makes a purchase through PriceWaiter, Checkout Redirect will send them to a webpage that you choose. Click Platform Integration from Settings and enter in the webpage’s URL. You can also select either the POST or GET HTTP method for offer details.

By establishing a checkout redirect, you can track the number of conversions that PriceWaiter generates in a third-party analytics program, like Google Analytics. To set up this form of tracking, check out Google’s documentation for Classic Analytics Web Tracking.


Product Data Lookup

Get inventory, cost, and other product data from an endpoint. Click on Platform Integration from Settings and adjust the settings. Enter the Endpoint URL and Secret Key.

Event Tracking

This options enables you to track button clicks and successful purchases in Google Analytics. Button clicks are handled automatically on your site. Entering your analytics account enables purchase events in PriceWaiter. To link your Analytics account to PriceWaiter, from Settings click Platform Integration in the lower right-hand corner of the panel and add your Analytics Account Number there.


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