Setting up Exit Intent Offers

Stop abandonment before it begins. Increase inbound offers by 5x and double your revenue with our most powerful tool.

No joke. We’ve seen clients double (or more!) their PriceWaiter revenue using our Exit Intent Offers technology.

How does it work? Exit Offers allow you to target comparison shoppers as they attempt to leave your website. These comparison shoppers are targeted by using advanced mouse-tracking technology to determine when a comparison shopper is attempting to leave your site. Once this determination has been made, we serve them with a custom call to action that increases the odds that they make an offer.

By enabling this functionality, you can expect up to a 20% increase in offers submitted to your store. With an offer to purchase conversion rate of 25%, this gives you an immediate way to increase profitable revenue.

How To Create Exit Offer Campaigns

To get started, simply click on Exit Intent from the Campaign of your choice.

Name the Exit campaign and select your image from your computer.

Once you’ve selected uploaded image, you will find additional tools to tweak it.  Adjust the backdrop coloration and opacity, determine how rounded or square your image will be, and adjust the size.


Activating Campaigns

Make an Offer, Price Match, and Volume Discount have a pre-loaded default Exit Intent creative that you can turn on with one click! Turn these on by going to the Exit Intent tab under each specific campaign. Click on the Exit Intent campaign you'd like to use and toggle to Active. Don't forget to hit Save at the bottom of the screen! 


A/B Testing

If there are multiple Exit Offer campaigns active for one store, PriceWaiter will automatically cycle them and conduct A/B testing. These tests will give you insight into which Exit Offer campaigns perform best. You may also set the Exit Offer Campaigns to appear rarely, occasionally, frequently, or always.


You'll see how many offers and orders are churned through Exit Intent by clicking on Dashboard:



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