Can I test this on just a few products to start?


You have total control over the distribution of the PriceWaiter buttons on your site. Simply build the campaign you'd like to use, then create a Product Set or two to segment which products you do or don't want PriceWaiter displayed on. 


Get Started with Product Sets:

From the header, click on Product Sets and click the + icon to create your first set (if you've already got some, the + button is located in the upper right hand corner):


The next screen is where you can make your Product Set as global or specific as you'd like:

  • The left-side module requires all the conditions to apply in order for the product(s) to be included. Adding product data (e.g. Brand, Price, SKU, Product Name) will narrow down your product set.

As an example let's say you sell office supplies and you'd like to segment your pens into one Product Set. You want to include all brands except Mont Blanc, and you want to only include pens between $2-20. This is an example of what your Product Set could look like:

  • Alternately, the right-side module allows any of the listed conditions to qualify for automation, so when you add product data to the right side, the Product Set gets larger (includes more products).
  • Please note that you must remove the blank rule on the left column, as that will prevent the set from working correctly (the following screenshots demonstrates the blank left-side rule, followed by the deleted left-side rule).

For this example, let's say you want to include a few specific brands but also exclude a brand. It would look something like this:


If you've got more custom needs or simply need more help getting the display rules set up properly, give us a call at 855.671.9889.  

*Remember, the more aggressive you are with PriceWaiter, the better data you will generate and the more interaction you will get.  This data will be invaluable in determining how PriceWaiter works for your business. 

Simply trying PriceWaiter on a couple of products to start might not generate a statistically significant amount of data to help you make the best decision for your company! 

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