How To Style Your Button

With the PriceWaiter campaign builder, you can customize the look and text of the campaign buttons to your specifications.

To access this editable menu, navigate to the Campaigns menu item on your left side navigation. 


Click on the Campaign name you'd like to edit or go to the Action drop down tab on the right side and select Edit.

Once you’ve clicked Edit, you’ll be in the PriceWaiter Campaign builder.  Simply select Button from your left side navigation and you’ll have access to all the editable variables relating to your product page based button.


You can edit the following items:

  • Button Text: This is the entry point to any PriceWaiter conversion flow.  This is your hook.  Use language that will catch your shoppers’ eye and make them intrigued enough to click
  • Button Size: Use this feature to help match your PriceWaiter button to the rest of your product page elements such as your Add To Cart button
  • PriceWaiter Mustache: Toggle the PW mustache on/off
  • Background Color: This is the color that appears behind the text, inside the border of the button
  • Text: This is the color your button text will appear in
  • Background Hover: This is the color the button will appear when a mouse is hovering within the border
  • Text Hover: This is the color the button text will appear when a mouse is hovering within the border
  • Enable Gradient: Toggle whether you want your button to be a solid color, or to have a slight gradient.  This is a good tool to help match the PriceWaiter button to existing on-page elements
  • Border Radius: Toggle whether your PriceWaiter button is square or has rounded edges


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