How To Customize Your Widget Window

PriceWaiter Campaign Builder gives you unparalleled control over almost every aspect of our pricing system - allowing you to customize all shopper touchpoints and deliver your visitors a truly personalized shopping experience that will incentivize commerce at a level you’ve yet to experience. Your customers will spend money - and they will spend it fast.

We’ve taken the main areas of customer interaction - the button, widget windows, emails, and product checkout, and made the text content fully customizable. Allowing you full control to customize each step in the process provides your shoppers a seamless experience between your platform and ours.

Step 1: To customize your widget window popup, first select the type of campaign you'd like to run.  If you've already got your perfect campaign running, skip to step 2

Step 2: After selecting your campaign select 'Widget' from the left hand menu, then form:


 Step 3: You're ready to edit.  Simply click on the field in which you'd like to edit the copy, and fill it in with your preferred language.  Once you hit save, you're new changes will immediately be reflected on your site.




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